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Practice yoga

In real life, low yoga, self-feeling, freedom fortress. Defølerat de har praktisert yogainstruktørerfor mangeår. Some people practice yoga for many years, but progress is slow. They still look like yoga beginners. Why?




1, three days fishing two days drying net


Three days fishing for two days drying nets, can not adhere to, I am afraid that that people are slow progression of the disease, has been paralyzed in yoga the most important reason for the beginner level. Today’s weather is too cold. I’ll have fun tomorrow. After tomorrow, I’ll take my baby to obstruct yoga and other choices. I’m going to practice yoga and I’ll practice several times a week. I don’t have time to practice for a month or so, so I practiced for many years. A yoga beginner is also normal.




2, I don't know why they know this


Work in your own position and work with others. Regardless of yoga postures, or breathing, meditation exercises, etc., are all “pull on the gourd,” all the teachers’ body attention, when you see the teacher can stand upside down, all the attention is focused on how to turn the body upside down ? As for how the body should behave, why does it do so, and how does it affect the body after it is done? This is why even after practicing yoga for many years, we can still completely improve our health. ?


3, either proud, or complacent or overconfident


In real life, many of us are proud and complacent. Geen kwestie die ze leren van, ze hebben altijd gevoel dat anderen niet goed onderwezen zijn. The content of the teacher has not been completed. They all know that they know it. Men, women, women, women, may worry too much. In the face of difficulties and problems, he dared not dare to move forward and wanted to give up. Therefore, excessive self-esteem and self-confidence will affect progress for many reasons. Many people have been paralyzed by beginners for many years.


4, ignore the basic practice of yoga


One of them is learning yoga or anything else. The basic things are important. As we all know, the foundation of yoga is particularly important. Many people have not made progress for many years, and there is no difficulty in the type of subject. There is no difficulty in this category. I feel that this lesson is a white practice. It does not make any sense, even direct confrontation. Everyone knows that until the advanced stage of yoga, the basic approach Is the foundation, the foundation is onstabiel, 锄geavanceerd?

Publicerat klockan 10:19, den 9 november 2017
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